Thursday, May 11, 2006

all kinds of stuff, including...

- food blog stuff. i live (essentially) by myself. i don't cook that often. when i do, it's pretty scavengey -- whatever i can put together with whatever was left over from the last time i cooked. for example, i made a lasagna on sunday. sauce from scratch, 3 cheeses, chicken sicilian sausage. so... dessert or a snack one night soon will be ricotta with wildflower honey, maybe sprinkled with a bit of cardamom or saffron. hmm, or orange zest. not so fancy, but hopefully delicious. i'm no gourmand by any stretch, but sometimes there are breakthroughs. and besides, aren't blogs narcissistic by design?

- restaurant stuff. i live in los angeles. there will be tacos, and how!

- language stuff. the other day at work, we had a conversation about cheese. more specifically, about the words for cheese in every language. okay, maybe not every language -- as usual, sub-saharan africa gets the shaft. but, between the four of us at the table, we were able to cover english (duh), french, german, swedish, persian, hindi, arabic, hebrew, italian, french, spanish, japanese (chizu!), tagalog, korean, and mandarin. randomly interrogating various employees, we were able to add turkish, armenian, flemish, and dutch to the list. this was a solid start to what developed into one of my favorite conversations in recent memory. it also led to a miraculous document which, i feel, should be broadcast across this great intertron.

- progress on projects. i'm going to document my people's history. i better get on it.

- opinions. i have a lot of them.

- random other stuff. when the baby tannaz footage makes its way onto the web, you better believe i'll be linking to it here.

so, this should be interesting. to somebody... i hope...

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