Saturday, September 09, 2006

No Sleep Till...


And Queens. I'm going to New York next week. I'm really really really excited. No event, just to visit friends. Mainly two in Brooklyn, and two in Queens. I love Manhattan -- I'd say it's the best city (or rather, borough, I guess) in the US (although it does get a bit cold for this California girl) -- but I've never been to any of the other boroughs. I don't want to do anything touristy. Mainly I want to spend time with my people, walk everywhere and explore and get a feel for where I am, and do some fun eating and drinking. I'm open to recommendations. Really excited.


  1. woo-hoo! get excited! (and bring an umbrella. NYC is welcoming you with some its fragrant, fresh rainfall later this week.)

  2. Tannaz,
    You MUST go to this tiny restaurant called Westville (on W. 10th near Bleecker). A huge menu of veggies, prepared in the most amazing ways that you can pick a choose a platter of. You will be inspired to roast, glaze, mash, grill and steam your brains out when you get back to LA.

  3. annie, my dear, of course i am excited. this rain is not going to rain on my parade. admittedly, i've packed mostly for summer weather, as it's lighter, but i'll reluctantly throw in a jacket or something.

    and jodi, i am quite excited for the prospect of some vegetable inspiration. considering my newfound pro-plant stance, i will eagerly take any new veggie ideas!