Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Norouz to You!

Today, the first day of spring, is Persian New Year. I'd rather actually enjoy it than write about it, so I'm going to point over to a couple things I've done elsewhere. First read the thing, then look at the pictures. Here's to a sweet and happy new year to all!

UPDATE: I've added the recipe for sabzi polo, the spring dish of four-herb rice that is, along with fish, the traditional dish of norouz.

Words: I wrote an article for LA Lunchbox about the New Year tradition of Haftsinn. The article is here.

Pics: Now that you know what the haftsinn is about, check out photos of my mom's traditional version, and my own funkier version.


  1. Great article!! (I wish more food writers would be as concise and use lists/bullet points in their ramblings) And who doesn't love Persian spring?! And EGGS? Yummm-- rebirth and all that jazz.

  2. Lovely Haftseen and your mother agrees and even likes your apples better than hers. Clearly you had some talented artists create those beautiful eggs.

  3. thanks annie, we persians totally had the egg thing down way before that bunny appropriated our culture in the name of JC!

    and tsp, yeah, i love those little apples! and it was great fun coloring the eggs with your little artists. have you gotten the dye out from under their fingernails yet?!

  4. Tannazie, this is a great article.
    Clearly, all great things begin with sinn.
    Happy Belated Persian New Year!