Sunday, April 27, 2008

Two Photos

"Au café, il y a toujours une chance de parler, d'écouter, d'émouvoir, d'être ému."

(At the cafe, there is always the chance to talk, to listen, to move, to be moved.)
(Indulge me, I'm taking a French class...)
(These photos are by Pierrick Bourgault. Aren't they lovely?)


  1. i want to hang out there!

  2. heather! let's go to paris!

  3. Hello, i'm Pierrick Bourgault, photograph in bars and accordions and nights !

    Have you ever been in Paris ?
    best regards from Montparnasse

  4. Salam tannaz
    I'm so glad to see your blog,lovely!!!

  5. Pierrick, bonjour! Sadly, I've never been to Paris, but it's at the top of my list. Your photos take me there though -- almost as good, although they make me long to visit even more.

    And Parisa joon, salam! Your blog is really lovely as well. And like Pierrick's pictures, it makes me long to travel -- back to Tehran, where I haven't been since I was a baby. You portray it so artfully.