Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Man Bites World... Today!

Can you guess how many countries are represented by restaurants in Los Angeles? 20? 50? Well, so far Noah Galuten has about 90 covered, and he'll be visiting a new restaurant (or 2, or 3), from a new country, every single day, until he runs out. Do you get how this is amazing? First of all, what dessicated husk of a human being doesn't love exploring ethnic restaurants and discovering new corners of her city (I've reached this stage in my life where I think that everyone is like me. Maybe this is a bad thing?)? Secondly, this project is a living, breathing love letter to Los Angeles -- a way to celebrate its unique diversity, in a different way every day. Thirdly, it's an awesome way to get people talking about food and culture, and to get us all to learn from each other. And finally, I gotta say the whole thing is a wee bit nutty. We're talking every day, people. As in Thanksgiving, and that weekend where all your friends are losing their money (and their sobriety, and possibly their pants..) in Vegas. I just hope that Noah's girlfriend finds balut, Filipino fertilized chicken eggs, crunchy with partially-developed bones, to be a romantic birthday dinner. We'll all be spending the day doing all that wild, fun stuff we usually do (I'm drawing a blank. Sigh.), while Noah is trekking to Monrovia to chase down poutine or pushing down anticuchos (that's right, kids, beef heart), all the while saving his stomach for the next culinary adventure, just a day away.

Check out his shenanigans at Man Bites World. They're still working out a few kinks with the site, but he's already got some supersweet photos of sunny ceviche at La Playita and amazing white mole at La Casita Mexicana to drool over. And of course, he'll have more tomorrow! And then again the next day! Forever! (ok not really forever. but close.)

Also, if you've got some knowledge of obscure restaurants in town, please join the discussion on the Man Bites World Facebook group (Note: facebook is a magical enigma, so I'm not entirely sure if the preceding link works. If you want in to the group, and can't get to it, contact me. I'm an officer, you know.). We know these countries are represented out there somewhere, we just need a little help finding them!


  1. Ooh, sounds fun and so goal-oriented! Will be bookmarking for sure.

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