Sunday, November 23, 2008

maybe if i put it here, i'll actually read them

books to read:

about alice -- you read calvin trillin and you think to yourself, man, this guy is just so lovable. his love affair with his wife alice is legendary.
bowl of cherries -- mcsweeneys. the first novel of a ninety-year-old man. supposed to be awesome
consider the lobster -- i never read anything by david foster wallace. this one has an essay about a grammar dictionary. clearly he was a man after my own heart.
temple grandin -- she's the foremost expert on humane slaughter, and she has autism. i want more information.
the new pinker one -- a new language one!
the new oliver sacks book -- 'tales of music and the brain'. um, hello?


  1. Um, I think you forgot to put Twilight on this list.

  2. Books to read: The new Wiggles one, the new Wubbzy one, the new Spongebob one, the next series of Unfortunate Events (which is, conveniently, currently in my bathroom), the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one...

  3. Hi! I was feeling a bit gloomy, so I thought "Tannaz's blog!" Perfect. I feel better just reading about what books to read. Thanks. :)

  4. dear volare, you are my favorite. glad to have helped turn the frown upside down. and hope you had a great turkey day!