Friday, December 04, 2009

Reminder: Eat My Blog Bake Sale Tomorrow!

Friends, you may have noticed that we love bake sales here just a little bit. An awesome one, called Eat My Blog, is happening tomorrow, at Zeke's Smokehouse in West Hollywood, organized and stocked by LA food bloggers! I am a lagger and thus am not contributing baked goods, but you can bet I'll be there buying, eating, and supporting the LA Food Bank. These deliciously organized blogger-bakers have posted a menu! So I can sit at my desk and drool longingly over rum cakes, butterscotch budino (oh, baby), lemon curd thumbprint cookies, orange and saffron caramels... There appear to be many vegan and gluten-free offerings, and to balance it out the virtue, an inordinate number of bacon-related sweets. Nice. See you there!


  1. Sara Fleischman6/04/2010 3:35 PM

    Hi Tannaz,
    I would appreciate if you could pass along and/or post the below information. We are looking for parents with kids to come to our tasting and taping next Wednesday, June 9th.



    Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone, Steve Ells & Lorena Garcia

    Are Inviting Families with Children Ranging in Ages from 4 - 12
    for a very exclusive tasting and taping of a brand new show on NBC
    from the production company that brought you “Top Chef.”

    This Family Friendly Tasting and Taping will be on
    Wednesday, June 9th in downtown Los Angeles.
    Please RSVP to for more information
    regarding location and time.

    Please include your name, telephone number, number of guests in
    your party and the ages of your children.

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