Wednesday, January 19, 2011

me and my beach

(that's my niece.  isn't she amazing?)
The beach is my natural habitat.  I used to think everyone loves it as much as I do, but spending time with charmingly water-timid Chicagoans in Puerto Vallarta and a few other choice friends and relatives, it turns out there are some weirdos who just aren't into it.  Bizarre, I know.  For me, it started early.  Summer would hit and my parents and their friends would round up the kids, pick up sandwiches (from Agoura's own Italia Deli if my sister had anything to do with it -- Bay Cities ain't got nothing on these sandwiches), and trek off to Zuma.  It was perfect.  The first glimpse of the ocean fills me with so much euphoria that it bubbles over and I feel like I might overflow.  I am about two shades darker in the summer.  And I must say, all that sand and salt make my hair amazing.  I could lie in the sun until it sets.  And nothing is better than that feeling when you've swam past the crazy waves and feel like you've mastered the ocean, you lean your head back until your ears are under water, you close your eyes, and the world disappears.  I really, really love the beach.

So, it was 80 degrees this weekend (That's right folks, 80 degrees in January.  Yeah, keep hating on LA.), and I had an extra day off.  I basically forced a beach day to happen.  Oh my.  So good.  Admittedly the one-and-half-hour drive back to the east was not so good, but it was worth all 90 minutes.  So, here's how we did it:

malibu seafood

We had everyone from grandparents to little kiddies in tow.  Lunch was at Malibu Seafood, because it's super casual, has a beautiful view of the water, and the kids can run around.  Now, don't show up famished because that'll just lead to grumpiness. (Admittedly, grumpiness might happen anyway, but we do our best.  As stated, some people don't love the beach like I do.  Let's focus on the positive.) You order at the counter, but it's a tiny shack of a place, so you stand in line a good long time, then have to wait for food a while after that.  But, it's great.  Far less of a scene than Neptune's Net a little ways further up PCH, and the fish is really fresh and tasty.  There are plenty of fried things, which are all delicious, not least of which is perfectly cooked steak fries, but there's also shrimp cocktail, scallop ceviche, steamed shellfish, chowder, and a whole set of grilled fish plates.  (There's also an ahi burger, but it's just ok, which is what you get for ordering an ahi burger.)  No alcohol is sold on the premises, but as the lovely woman at the counter will tell you, the 76 gas station a quarter mile up the road sells wine and beer.  You kind of need a Corona or Pacifico to go along with your fried fish and ocean view.  You're on your own for limes, though.  One family brought their own tablecloth and champagne flutes.  Charming, if a little weird.

ladybugs in the sand
After lunch, we crossed the street to the glorious beach.  Water was icy of course, but who cares?  It's a Monday in January, and my feet are in the Pacific Ocean.  Stones were skipped, shells were collected, anomones were poked.  Bizarrely, a million little ladybugs swarmed through the sand and tickled our toes.  And two children got completely soaked.  What's better?

Malibu Fish and Seafood is at 25653 Pacific Coast Hwy in Malibu. (It's way out past Pepperdine. Plan accordingly.)


  1. Perfect winter day in LA. Good job putting it together.

  2. What a great day out.. Looks lovely

  3. Never have I felt more homesick than I did reading that entry. Dreamland!!!!

  4. thanks guys, it was a lovely day! and propagandin, you're back in the motherland! you can live that kind of day out over and over again!

  5. OMG! So jealous! Wish I had the chance to do that!