Sunday, June 25, 2006

figs are here!

A few weeks ago, I was tasked with making a cheese plate for a dinner party. I really wanted to include figs in it, because they are so evocative of summer and the Mediterranean and everything good in the world. I went to Whole Foods, Ralph's, and all 3 produce stands in the Farmer's Market, and there were no figs to be found. Even though I had declared that the Best Summer Ever had already begun, Nature wasn't quite in agreement with me.

Today I had bookclub, and I was in charge of 'some sort of fruit something'. So I went back to the Farmer's Market this morning, and lo and behold.. figs! Nature has caught up! It's about time Nature, it's about time.


  1. I'm not a fig fan but the picture is gorgeous.

  2. thanks tor! turns out, figs are pretty photogenic.

  3. YUM!!! Your blog always makes me HUNGRY!!