Wednesday, August 16, 2006

best weekend ever roundup

What makes this weekend so great that it merited a ridiculously detailed play-by-play, the most self-serving, narcissistic bloggery I can muster up? I can't imagine anyone would find all these details that captivating, but the weeked just left me with such giddiness at every turn that I had to share. I think it's a combination of things. For one, it encapsulated so much of the summer stuff I love: poolside drinks, backyard entertaining, shave ice, and a mini-barbecue. Music, and talk of music played a big role: going through the eclectic playlist at the Bodega, hearing friends talk seriously about artists I love, but hadn't thought about in years, singing along to song after song, as I drove to Fontana, and getting a chance to dance to some solid hip-hop and reggae -- using that music for just what it was designed for. And I got to dance -- a rare treat -- whether it was getting hot and sweaty in the club, or rocking out in the family room with my niece and Justin Timberlake. I also got to eat, and quite well -- between the Chinese feast, the bread feast, and the feast I got to prepare, food played a large role in the weekend's festivities.

But I think what it really came down to was connecting with people, and in different ways: there were fleeting connections with strangers, immediate rapport with new friends, opportunities to learn more about some people I'd known for a while but never really sat down with, and of course, good times with old friends. I've said it many times before, but it keeps coming back to me: I'm beginning to believe the entire purpose of this summer has been to bring back my sense of gratitude. And for that, I am very grateful.

Here's the weekend:

Friday day: Getting sexy with the kindergarten set
Friday night: To be a regular
Saturday morning: Breaded bliss
Saturday day: Fontana... meh
Saturday night: Summer in the city
Sunday day: Book club
Sunday night: Friends al fresco

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