Monday, August 14, 2006

Friday day: Getting sexy with the kindergarten set

It always bodes well for a weekend when it starts a day early. My sister's finger decided to grow a nipple the other day, so I had to take Friday off work to tend to her son while she went to get that thing taken care of. We played trains and read books and watched Spongebob and ate Krabby Patties that were really bagels and cream cheese. Not bad.

Then Torreh came home and we picked up her daughter Julia from camp. We had been very good, so we got a treat. Torreh took us to what may currently be her favorite place in the whole world. It's called Shave It, and it's a Hawaiian-style shave ice shop in Thousand Oaks (that inexplicably has no web representation, making me think that it doesn't actually exist and the whole thing was a dream). It was all blue and bright and clean, and filled with adorable surfery suntanned teenagers. Violet would complain that it's just sugar water, and my grown-up side is inclined to agree, but my huge cup of snowy ice flavored with guava and passionfruit was a cool refreshment from Friday's heat.

The real highlight occurred when we came home though. We three girls sat down to watch the latest episode of So You Think You Can Dance. This was a rare indulgence for me -- I don't have TV at home. So, I've never watched this show before, but Torreh and Julia are experts. There were 4 contestants left, and for the finale, they all did a dance together, to Justin Timberlake's latest hit, "Sexy Back". Ok. I'm a little obsessed with this song. It sounds to me like a really soulful 80s punk-pop woman with white-blonde hair and scary makeup. But it's our guy Justin. So, what proceeded was a hot dance party. Julia and I looped over this performance (this Tivo thing is not bad!) over and over and over again as we did our own little dance in the family room. About six times through, Julia to her room to change into a pink sequined flapper dress from her dress-up box. Hott!

So this was a good start.

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