Wednesday, January 24, 2007

new links spotlight!

I added a couple links to friends and cohorts. I wanted to mention each one:

  • A Peek Into: Tianyi is a Los Angeles artist and a friend of mine, and this blog is a little glimpse into her artistic process and her mind in general, which is frequently filled to capacity with wonderful things. See her rad artwork here.

  • Beware the Red Rooster: Juan is another LA artist and friend. A talented sculptor, his blog showcases his work, with the story behind each piece. And his stories read like modern-day noir. He brings the gritty underbelly of this city into the light in all its glory. (hmm.. should i have put him in the los angeles section?)

  • Bollywood Nights and CG Days: Jude is spending 6 months working in visual effects in Bombay. Her posts are detailed, but it shines through in every one how she is relishing her adventures in India -- as does her enthusiastic, joyful personality.

  • Wise Bread: Living large on a small budget. Read it. Live it. Love it. (and if you're me, write it.)
You know, because you don't have enough to read on the internet yet.

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  1. I've heard great things about that Wise Bread site. Great things.