Monday, April 23, 2007

Late to the Party

I know, the blog thing is supposed to be about catching the story the nanosecond it happens. I'm a little slow, it turns out. But two very worthy men had some very noteworthy news -- very happy for one, and very sad for the other -- in the last couple weeks, and I wanted to mention them both here:

- Jonathan Gold, the food writer for the LA Weekly, won a Pulitzer prize. He's the first food writer to do so, and I can think of few others so deserving. I once called him the mayor of my tummy, and I think many Angelenos would agree. He elevates food journalism with every review: from the eateries he chooses to highlight -- be they grimy taquerias or haute cuisine establishments, to the way his reviews are about everything -- current events, every fascinating meal he's ever had, the very latest pop culture -- and to how he puts it all together -- his articles glide seamlessly from description to analogy to editorial.

- Kurt Vonnegut, everyone's favorite wacky, political, satirical, wonderful American novelist, died. If you've read Cat's Cradle or Breakfast of Champions, or if even they just made you read Harrison Bergeron back in junior high, you get it. If not, get your hands on one of his books and catch up.


  1. I guess we'll have to celebrate the lives of both--one while alive, one a little too late. What would be the perfect meal to encapsulate the wisdom and quirkiness of both?

  2. hmm. good question. hard to say, but somehow i feel like both would like their food very very spicy.