Wednesday, May 09, 2007

the beloved butterscotch budino on

How is it that the New York Times always has such a solid grasp on the southern California food scene? They've covered, in delicious detail, the Chinese food mecca of San Gabriel Valley, the taco stretch from San Diego to the central coast, and today, Mozza.

Recall when we talked about Mozza back in January, that I, like everyone else, was swooning over the butterscotch budino -- luscious, just sweet enough, slightly bitter, perfect, and touched with sea salt caramel. Well, this lovely New York Times article includes the recipe. So now we can go make tubs of it and eat it for all three meals. Except it won't be as good. Because turns out, we're not Nancy Silverton. Alas.


  1. reading that article made me want to play hooky and try to sneak in a late lunch at mozza :) I'm sure the NYT buzz will make it even harder to get a reservation there--I've only been once, late on a Tuesday, waited for 1 hour for a seat at the bar. Totally worth it!

  2. The thing is though, Erin, the bar is the hidden (or not-that-hidden) gem of that place. The one time i went (at noon -- which is when they open the doors, mind you), there was only bar seating, but it was a boon. We got to watch Nancy Silverton lovingly primp and preen every single pizza they served. It was quite a treat!

    Incidentally, the LA-food-blogosphere is going to miss you sorely Erin! Hopefully you'll be filling us in on the big apple food scene though!