Monday, August 25, 2008

Bundt Kissing Begins Tomorrow

Just got word that Kiss My Bundt, a bundt cake bakery on West Third about 50 steps from my apartment, opens tomorrow. They've got a big grand opening planned for September 6, but they soft-open tomorrow at 8 am. Chrysta Wilson, the owner of Kiss My Bundt, was really warm and generous when I randomly emailed her soliciting contributions for the Bake Sale earlier this year. She hand-delivered a couple trays of little bundts, and I'm happy to report, they were super fudgy and delicious. She also claims better-than-Coffee-Bean coffee, which is good because it means we can go there for reasons other than stuffing our faces with bundt cake goodness, though that's what we really want to do.

Anyway, go tomorrow, go again on September 6, and maybe a few times in between. And welcome to the neighborhood, Kiss My Bundt!

Kiss My Bundt is at 8104 W. Third St., just west of Crescent Heights.

[thanks for the photo]

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  1. Sounds like someone is on board with the Best Summer Ever. If only you could get a friend to have a BBQ so you could make mint ice cream....