Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Are They Now?

When last we visited Peggy and Chris, they were a new couple, canoodling over fried lentils at Cobras and Matadors. That night was the first time I met Chris, and they were at that stage of the relationship where, on the drive over, I turn to Rachel and ask, "So are Peggy and Chris an item or what?" and she nods and smiles a little excitedly, "I think they are!"

Flash forward about 2 years to this weekend. Dinner party at the newly engaged (!) couple's new house (!) in Silver Lake, in the dreamworld that is their backyard. Peggy has gone back to her Lebanese roots in creating an amazingly perfect Mediterranean lounge on their patio, complete with mini lanterns twinkling through hanging grapevines, star jasmine growing on the hill, a fig tree, and couches (couches! outside! my favorite thing in the world!). On this particular night, there was even a sweet and mellow dog roaming around.
In the middle of all this summery coziness was a long table set with grilled flank steak over a mound of pine nut couscous (the juices from the steak made the couscous kind of irresistable), a gorgeous vegetable tian, and the cocktail of the night, a refreshing mint lemonade spiked (generously) with vodka.
While we sat gossiping about mutual acquaintances, discussing new projects, planning future dinner parties, Chris was back behind the grill, this time on dessert duty: grilling perfect peaches to serve with Breyers French Vanilla ice cream and crumbled ginger snaps. A sweet ending to a sweet night.

[thanks to shutterbug Rachel for all the good photos]


  1. Enough! I'm seriously jealous of your friends and all the awesome dinner parties. Not a chicken rocket to be found anywhere!

  2. what you fail to realize, tsp, is that you have a dreamy backyard, an awesome dining room table, a barbecue, and a POOL! And nothing makes a dinner party dreamier than little kids running around underfoot. make it happen! (and invite me! i'll bring homemade mint ice cream!)

  3. I've just about had it with your mint ice cream. Why don't you have a BBQ on September 6 or 7?