Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As Soon as Humanly Possible

As quickly as you can, get this insanely delicious morsel of amazingness into your mouth. You will not regret it.

Take a slice of baguette, spread with Brillat-Savarin cheese, drizzle with white truffle honey. Oh, holy.

Last night was our first planning meeting for this year's incarnation of the No Cookie Left Behind bake sale. We had a potluck dinner at the lovely Ann Le's house, and Heather Taylor, also lovely, provided this outstanding combination. We had quite a spread, but it was this combo that had us all swooning. Between the creamy, and the sticky sweet, and the heady musk of black truffles, well, just, oh, holy.

Heather got the truffle honey from Surfas, and the cheese from Monsieur Marcel. The Brillat-Savarin was wonderful, but any soft creamy cheese like Brie or a triple-cream would do great. Just stop what you're doing right now and get it to your mouth. No, seriously. Run.


  1. but but... all truffle oils are fake!?! :(


    Costco was selling actual black truffles yesterday on their website. No, I didn't pull the trigger. hehe.

  2. tony, i've read this business about truffle oil fakeness and i've tried really hard to block it out of my memory. having said that, this truffle honey, according to the surfas website (link above), is made using 'classic tuscan methods'. now, 'classic tuscan methods' may mean infusing honey with a chemical cocktail in a lab while singing 'zooma zooma baccala', but i'd like to believe it's actually a process that involves pigs, the dead of night, and loving grandmothers.

    besides, fake or not, to my riffraff tastebuds, this stuff tasted like god.

  3. That sounds almost as good as a fried egg sandwich. Or a piece of wonderbread, kraft cheese, canned mushrooms, and C&H sugar. Mmmmmmmmm.

  4. Is it as good as SPAM?

  5. Hi Tannaz,

    Very cool! White Truffle Honey?! I had no idea this existed. Thanks for the tip. :)