Tuesday, May 26, 2009

just five more minutes, mom...

ack, i know it's been nearly A MONTH since i posted here last, and i really am so sorry for my absence. but i'm going to have to hit the snooze button once again -- for one more week. i'm off to the bay area this weekend to celebrate a very special baby shower (yay!!!! so excited for jana!), cutting into this already shortened week, but then i'll be back with more stories of eating, cooking (as if), and my oh-so-glamorous life (AS IF). oh, and of course: bake sale!

[thanks to dabboj for the photo. and incidentally, are you familiar with clocky? it's the best ever.]

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  1. I just discovered clocky, thanks to you, and had to laugh. What a funny idea! And yet, I've become so frustrated with my snooze-punching habit that I'm tempted to get one. I think it will just put me in a sour mood, though, as I crawl under my bed or into my closet and start sneezing up dust in search of the mobile little alarm clock. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!