Wednesday, July 22, 2009

panama! and beer-float-off!

friends, i'm off to panama tonight (go on, sing the van halen song), but if i were to be in town on sunday, july 26 at 3:30 pm, i'd be at the LA BEER FLOAT SHOWDOWN. golden state/scoops crazy delicious concoctions versus bottlerock/milk's own innovative contenders. you'll drink a lot, you'll eat a lot of ice cream, and proceeds go to 826LA, which is a lovely organization.

get all the details here, including how to get discount tickets.

hasta next week!

[thanks to Dan4th for the photo]

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 75th Farmer's Market!

This week marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of Farmers Market, my home away from home on Third and Fairfax. While I'm sad to have missed the Taste of Farmers Market event Tuesday night (which, oddly, no other blogger seems to have attended either), I did drop in to catch a few minutes of their early morning birthday party yesterday. A quaint event, with Farmers Market 'royalty' like the adorable Phyllis Magee sharing memories on a stage built in the parking lot, a bunch of local kids doing a card stunt, a drill team, and a marching band.

Showing trademark hospitality, there were self-serve coffee jugs and cupcakes for attendees -- was I in cosmopolitan Los Angeles or in Mellencamp-small-town America? Hard to say, which is precisely why we love the Farmers Market (and the LA Times agrees, beautifully).

There are lots of festivities all week, check it out here! And if you care about such things, there is currently a special edition of the Larchmont Chronicle available at the Farmers Market right now, filled with stories, interviews, and factoids from the all the market's vendors (not to mention some answers to the mystery of the adobe). Lots of sweet history.