Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Project Chicken Soup: Urgent Call for Volunteers

Hi friends, we've talked quite a bit about Project Chicken Soup around here, and what a great experience volunteering with them is. Well, they are at it again this Sunday, and they are short volunteers this time around. If anyone is available to help out, please let me know. Here are the details:

- It's a four-hour commitment, from 8 am to noon.
- The work involves preparing and cooking about a week's worth of wholesome, healthy, delicious meals -- noodle salads, fresh pear cakes, steamed vegetables, roasted chicken and chicken soup (of course) -- in an industrial kitchen, for about 100 people around Los Angeles living with HIV. (After the prep, another set of volunteers hand-delivers the meals to these people's homes.)
- It's fun! All of the volunteers are nice, nice people, and working in an industrial kitchen (vats of soup, mixers the size of a chimney), with such huge proportions of food, is a very cool experience.
- This all goes down at a community kitchen on Fairfax, just north of Beverly.

So, if you're in LA, and you have a few hours to spare on Sunday, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks all!

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