Friday, June 22, 2007

Torn Between Three Lovers

Really it's a toss-up. One one hand, there's the amazing Google Maps API. Sweet as candy. Love it to death.

Then there's that deliciously large Pulitzer Prize winning local-boy-done-good, LA Weekly food columnist Jonathan Gold. Love, adoration, irrational pedestalization, uncontrollable passion.

But then, there's the LA Weekly's stalwart website. Kind of shy, not one to steal the spotlight, but pretty damn hot.

So, has Jonathan Gold's 99 Essential Restaurants up on their site, along with the amazingly handy interactive LA 99 Google Map to show you exactly where each of those ninety-nine lives. Oh, baby. I'm seriously swooning.


  1. Sweet! When the 99 essential list first came out, I searched for all the ones near me (Culver City). That adventure led me to Metro Cafe (aka Metro Diner). That place has become the "go to" place when I need a reasonably priced, decent food without a hassle. And now, to hit up the other 98 restaurants.... ;)

  2. cool greg! i'll have to check out metro cafe/diner (and yes, about 98 other spots as well...)!