Sunday, October 08, 2006

a little fairfax history

first off, this has nothing to do with food. well, except maybe popcorn. anyway, the laemmle fairfax on beverly has turned into a regent. this means that instead of being the runt of the artsy laemmle family, it will play regular mainstream movies, a bit after they've been released in the fancier theaters, and at 3 bucks a ticket. not bad. but in and of itself not all that noteworthy (i mean, it is to me, because i live there, but maybe not to you).

however, it has prompted the dutiful documenters of our city at franklin avenue (who are also responsible for bringing the term 'blog-LA-sphere' to the masses...thank god) to get a little nostalgic and print a photo of the corner of beverly and fairfax from way back when. i love old photos of my neighborhood. that's all.

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