Monday, April 09, 2007

The Perfect Lunch Costs Four Dollars

Next Sunday, this is what you do. You go to the Hollywood Farmers' Market. You get the radishes, 3 colors in one bunch, pick up some of the skinniest asparagus I've ever seen, you gaze in amazement at the crosnes -- maybe they're a vegetable, maybe they're an obese albino potato bug -- and of course you stop to sample a bit of avocado dressed with sea salt and lemon juice. You may stop at the Yummy Yummy Cheese lady, or snag a loaf of delicious Moroccan olive bread.

But all this fooding makes you hungry. So. You go to the stand selling Thai food, and order 2 sticks of chicken satay. Substantial things, freshly grilled, with a tiny mound of prettily cut cucumbers and a dab of peanut sauce. Two dollars. Then, order coconut balls. But the thing is, they sell then in groups of five. And that's just too many. However, if you ask nicely, they will give you two for one dollar. Perfect. Top it off with a bottle of water, and you're good to go.

Sit up against the building across from the Thai stand. Tap your toe as the stand next door, selling jazz records, serenades with you with vintage Etta James, while the guy eating next to you sings along. Really, what more can you ask for?


  1. Thanks a lot, Tannaz. My attempts at ignoring my hunger just went straight out the window. And now I have to FLY to Hollywood to get coconut balls, because they don't sell them here.

    Hee hee. Coconut balls. Funny.

  2. Right, Andrea, but considering how cheap the coconut balls are, it totally balances out the airfare!

  3. Alright, I'm there. Crashing on your couch, btw.