Thursday, August 30, 2007

Come and Knock on the Griffin

Every person inside the Griffin, a loungy tavern in Atwater Village, looks like this:

Every person outside the Griffin looks like this:

Joking aside though, the Griffin is a lot of fun, and is not unlike the Regal Beagle. It's very local and subtly hip. Carpet and dim lighting make it cozy. You might run into someone you know there from Santa Monica -- I did, as well as a friend from West LA, and a couple others from Silver Lake, and a few from the valley (for some reason everyone in town is driving miles east to this place for a night out -- maybe a night in Atwater Village's mellow urban suburb is a nice reprieve from the sceney scene farther west). And you might see Jack and Chrissy secretly handcuffed together at adjacent tables.

For all its fancy decor, it's a familiar place. The bartenders are friendly, and drinks are cheap. There is a smoky patio out back, but you won't find Jack Tripper in chivalrous fisticuffs with some octopus of a man who won't take "no", let alone "I can't go out with you tomorrow night because I have to wash my hair", for an answer. Mostly because there's no room for fisticuffs. It's super-cramped, so you can't really be shy with your neighbors. But it's fun that way: just like on "Three's Company", hi-jinks ensue.

Also, there are a lot of misunderstandings at the Griffin.

[Note to self: don't drink and blog.]
The Griffin is at 3000 Los Feliz Blvd., at Boyce Ave.


  1. this is one of your finest blogs ever. Funny, informative and threescompanyied.

    I'm impressed and will go to this place straight away.

    ::::gets caught in ironing board::::::

  2. ah, imagine if the whole world was threescompanied!

  3. is this where i can find that the kisses hers and hers and his?

  4. TWELVE bux for a Manhattan is NOT CHEAP, blogger.

  5. really, anonymous? i got a vodka soda and a pineapple juice (i know) for 6 bucks total. was your manhattan made with fancy whisky?

    and yes, ramos, the kisses are hers, hers, his, and maybe anonymous', if he'd stop yelling.

  6. anonymous, as far as i could see there was no food.