Sunday, September 16, 2007

the dearth of coffee beans around here

It looks like a Coffee Bean is coming to the corner of Third and Crescent Heights. This is great news, as I was really getting tired of having to walk all the way to the one on Third and La Cienega, or the one a block away, at Third and Fairfax, or the one about 5 blocks from that one, at Third and Martel. I mean, sometimes as I'm walking past the Coffee Corner and the Starbucks in the Farmer's Market to the crepe place to get an iced cappuccino, I think to myself, there really aren't enough places to get a decent coffee in the area. I mean, granted there's Bagel Broker a block up Fairfax, Mani's all the way down Fairfax, and the espresso bar at Whole Foods in between, just across from Frank's keeping it real with their delicious regular coffee; and yeah, there's Doughboys (ahem, not at the moment, but usually), and Little Next Door right, well, next door. And of course there's Joan's, Toast, Alfredo's, and Who's on Third, and I guess, the Seattle's Best Coffee inside Borders, and the Starbucks in the Beverly Connection, and the Starbucks and the Coffee Bean inside the Beverly Center. But seriously, is it too much to ask for a couple coffee shops around here? Geez.


  1. Would you prefer a Pinkberry?

  2. ha, like i have a choice, taste-buzz? =)

    (gorgeous photos on your site by the way!)

  3. actually doesn't it look like perhaps coffee bean is moving their corporate offices? maybe theres more room there than on la brea?

  4. Off topic -- I'm here from Simply Recipes and just wanted to thank you for linking to the John Robbins piece. It's a side to my own Niman story that I couldn't say, given my own closeness to Iowa family farms where there was 'no choice'. There's broccoli, of course ... or get out.

  5. anonymous -- isn't coffee bean's office way down south on la cienega? would be much more expensive to rent property on that stretch of 3rd. who knows though -- perhaps!

    and alanna -- thanks for writing! the more i read (i'm now about 100 pages into omnivore's dilemma), the more i realize how completely messed up the system is that gets food to us. i love that pig farmer story -- it demonstrates so much, not just about food stuff, but about how the most unlikely human beings can cause breakthroughs for each other.

    For those that just tuned in: it started with my comment on this post on Simply Recipes, about the writer's visit to Niman Ranch in Iowa. Alanna was also there, and writes about it in this post. And in my comment, I linked to a story John Robbins writes about his encounter with a very different kind of pig farmer. Read them all -- very eye-opening.