Sunday, February 10, 2008

open shop: grotesque ltd.

Last night I went to Open Shop, an art and music event at Grotesque Ltd., a purveyor of various 'objects of obsession & pop-couture fetishism'. Wine and beer and nosh, a sweet kittycat, a ramshackle studio space, and two old Apple computers chilling outside dressed like Spy vs. Spy. Local artist Evan apRoberts, among others, had some art on display, including his rad featherbeards (as seen to the right), then he and some others played some tunes -- a soft folksy harmony of acoustic guitar, trumpet, and flute -- damn near perfect for a balmy February night in Echo Park.


  1. FYI the people playing are in the band Madeline Flash (MySpace here) and I believe that they are playing at The Mint on 2/16.

    Also, Grotesque was super fun, they should be excited about the event! Are you going to post on Tea too?

  2. hey, thanks for the info, brad! that's a nice website they've got there. and yes, i did post about the tea festival and thank you very much for checking up!