Thursday, April 10, 2008

sabzi polo pictures

as stated, when I made my own sabzi polo, i was too fixated on eating to take any photos, but when we went to my parents' a few nights later, my mom had made it as well, along with the requisite fish (in this case, a gigantic salmon filet with saffron and lime juice, and -- surprise! -- a little soy sauce). i snapped some pics. the flower pattern in the tahdig is slices of potato, which fry as the rice crisps on the bottom of the pan. delish like a knish.

glorious tahdig goodness

the full spread: salmon, sabzi polo, sabzi khordan (fresh herbs and radishes), limes for the fish, pickles...


  1. یه آشپز چه خاطراتی که نمی تونه داشته باشه...الله اکبر...
    راستی، این دیگه چه جور سبزی پلوییه ؟

  2. yum!!!!! makes me hungry for the sabzi polo with fish my former boyfriend used to cookfor me. it is one of my favorite Persian dishes. he always used packets of dried herbs (which he called "vegetables") purchased from the local Persian market. i want to try making it from scratch using your mama's recipe. thanks so much!
    ZiaSophia in kalamazoo michigan usa