Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whoa: Massimo's Mudspot

Guys, this is revolutionary. I'm here to write about Massimo's Mudspot, and I am currently at Massimo's Mudspot! This is the future! (OK, so maybe this is not new. But it turns out my blog is kind of a luddite, have you noticed? Aw, poor neglected little bloggie.)

Anyway, I'm sitting at Massimo's, a new coffeehouse that opened next door to the Little Bar on La Brea at 8th. It's big and airy, with funky mismatched furniture, including a couple couches in the front where just a few minutes ago, 2 cute little boys were playing, they have free wireless, Danessi espresso, and Galaga.


Sorry, just got distracted by the cutest baby ever gazing at me. See that? Live blogging, people. Amazing!

Anyway, yeah, Galaga. And lots of baked goods (lavender lemon bar, anyone?), sandwiches and salads and what not from Organic To Go, jazz wafting through, and a subtle Italian theme created by the black and white photos and old movie posters on the walls -- obviously, I love that. Oh, and did I mention free wireless internet?

OK, i'm going to go buy something else since I've been sitting here forever and don't really understand how a place can stay in business when people buy like 5 bucks worth of stuff, then sit for 3 hours. So, come by, buy lots of stuff, then leave, so that there's always a table for me! Cool, thanks.

Massimo's Mudspot is at 759 S. La Brea, on the northwest corner of 8th.


  1. Yay for Massimo's Mudspot !!! Such a chill spot. The manager/bicycle dude Jason is way cool - his drinks are tasty - the music is perfect and they are open most nights till Midnight! Favorite : Pirates Chai Latte. I will be back.

  2. midnight? i had not caught that detail. awesome! i love late night places.