Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting Our Nacho On

[Apparently none of you cares about the chickens, so we're trying something a little easier today: sweet, glorious nachos.]

I don't know if we've talked about it here, but I love nachos. I do. But not as much as my friend Brad does. When Brad told me that yesterday, October 21, is the International Day of the Nacho, obviously we had to celebrate.

It had to be at Lotería because they have the best nachos in town, and I'm a loyalist having gone to the Farmer's Market one five thousand times, but this time we went a bit out of our way to check out to the new Lotería Grill in Hollywood because, well, they have margaritas. So we rounded up our people, and alit on Lotería. They didn't know what hit them (mainly because they didn't know about the International Day of the Nacho. For shame!) Here are some numbers for you:

- people in our party: 13
- ginormous plates of nachos, piled on with black beans, cheese, green salsa, scallions, tomatoes, optional meats, and delicious broily goodness: 7
- times the stories of Ignacio Ayana -- the inventor of nachos, and Carmen Rocha -- the Nacho Queen of El Cholo, responsible for bringing the fantastic stuff to LA (who sadly, passed away last week, just missing the holiday that celebrates her calling), were told or mistold: 4
- frighteningly strong margaritas, palomas (that's right kids, it's like a margarita, but with Squirt. Classy!), and Bohemias: lost count at 11
- micheladas ordered, despite fascinating variations like the the one with Worcestershire and Maggi sauce, and the spicy michelada enchilada: 0
- bus boys that sang along with me when "Oye Mi Amor" came on, then hit on me incoherently en español: 1
- depressing Aimee Mann songs that came on in between the mix of fun Spanish pop: 1
- sad little Mini Coopers that got towed(!) from the deceptively amazing spot around the corner from the restaurant: 1, mine.

The moral of the story, other than that nachos are good and we should eat them often, is that the new Lotería Grill is a Good Thing. I love a place where I can get a really tasty meal (along with the all the menu items from the Farmer's Market stand, they also had awesome-sounding specials like Veracruz-style red snapper and 2 kinds of shrimp tacos) and a cocktail for not too much money, in a casual, but really energized setting that's not at all a scene, from a friendly team of servers. It seems simple, but it's hard to find. I just wish the Hollywood that surrounded it, and its obnoxious parking pitfalls, didn't suck so bad.

But still, go there! (Park carefully!) Eat nachos!

Loteria Grill is at 6627 Hollywood Blvd., just east of Cherokee.


  1. I hope the nachos were raised in a healthy environment, with ample room to stretch, run and turn around.

  2. I don't know where they were raised but I do know where they ended up. It rhymes with my towel. Also, I love the pics! Must be that darn ISO setting. It was a great time - I'm glad everyone made it!

  3. Hi Tannaz,

    Nice review! :) Those Nachos look delicious!

    Sorry to hear about your poor car. :(

  4. Rye dowel? Bye vowel? Cry jowl? Why Powell?

    Not getting it. Better have some nachos and think about it more.

  5. tsp, i don't know about the origins of the nachos, but they were clearly treated with love once they made it to the Loteria kitchen, and gave their lives to a very worthy cause.

    brad, it was such a good time! way to make it happen.

    and exile kiss, thanks!! they really were delicious. and my car, well, i guess it just wanted some attention...

  6. The last time I was at Loteria at the Farmers Market, I eyed someone else's plate of nachos very enviously. They looked so good and cheesy! I must try them next time around.

  7. Yes, Marie, with your starchy proclivities, these would hit the spot! (And I must say, I really am enjoying experiencing your unabashed love of starches vicariously through your blog!)

  8. ah, yes the nachos were good but for me the highlight of the evening was alon relating the story of he and pam and the depends undergarments. what can i say - im a sucker for toilet humor.

  9. yeah, ramos apparently you're in good company... you people and your towels.