Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brussels Sprouts: A Public Service Announcement

I've been having a really hard time finding Brussels sprouts, but I found them! The Hollywood Farmers' Market was slim pickings on Sunday -- in fact, all that typical fall stuff, like sweet potatoes and squashes was sort of slim, and the abundance of corn, strawberries, tomatoes in the middle of November was just depressing. Whole Foods had some, but not that many, and of course they were crazy expensive, and not that pretty. At Golden Farms, my local (to work) Armenian cheap produce market in Glendale, they were amazingly cheap at 89 cents a pound, but they were giant and haggard.

But in the nick of time, I've found the promised land of Brussels sprouts, and it's not even in Belgium (nar nar). The FarmBoy stand at the Fairfax Farmers' Market has a huge thing of Brussels sprouts, 1.99 a pound, and they are wee, and green, and the leaves are tightly wrapped. So, go get some!

And if mine turn out delicious tomorrow, I'll share the recipe. I'm kind of making it up, so we'll see how it goes.. but it involves brown butter, so how can it really be bad?

[thanks to flickrich for the photo]


  1. Hi Tannaz,

    Thanks for the info! I was just in Whole Foods the day before Thanksgiving looking for some, but as you said, they were pretty expensive.

    I've been meaning to visit the Hollywood Farmer's Market and now I have a reason. Thanks. :)

  2. actually let me clarify, Exile Kiss -- while there were a few to be had at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, the big bounty I found was at the Fairfax Farmer's Market (which is not really a farmer's market at all..), at the Farm Boy stand. Of course, availability at the Hollywood Farmer's Market may change.

  3. I love Golden Farms (I grew up in Glendale) and I love your blog!

  4. Sepideh joon, welcome. I love your blog too! I'm slowly discovering this very current Iranian arts movement, and must say I'm really impressed.

    And yes, Golden Farms is a magical place. Every time I go there I find a new nook with some other exotic delicacy to taste!