Monday, January 05, 2009

Blog is Short for Backlog

Oh, people. This is what happens when you lag. When you spend your vacation irresponsibly flitting away every moment at holiday parties and dinner parties, christmas brunches, family brunches, and groggy morning after brunches, feasting on piles of seafood and piles of latkes, sipping red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, cheap wine, even though really what you should really be doing is scrunching up under many blankets and dutifully typing away on your laptop (what I am doing at this very moment, though I started far too late tonight), obviously. How stupid of me to engage in impromptu boardgame nights in the lounges of fancy hotels instead of blogging like a good girl.

Because, now, where do I begin? I'm overwhelmed. I mean, there's the amazing caramelized shallots I took to Samantha's Win, Lose, or Draw birthday party; a show-up-your-fancy-NYC-friends brunch at Anisette; the fascinating beet latkes at one dinner party; the perfectly fluffy Yorkshire pudding at another; the Christmas eve discovery of the glory that is YogurtLand, and yet another trip to yummy Marouch left undocumented. And so much more. These were 2 action-packed weeks. And I want to share the most delicious moments with you.

And I will. I promise. Slowly and steadily, peppered with stuff from before vacation even started that I still haven't gotten to (like that amazing Lebanese brunch at Pi on Sunset... how I've neglected it!), and even more fun stuff coming up (can you say raw Mexican seafood?!), which, alas, will prevent me from having time to write. Ah, does it ever end? So, yeah, bear with me. We'll get through it all. Someday.

Hope that all of you had a warm and cozy holiday, and that 2009 will be filled with light and deliciousness, and maybe it seems like a lot to ask right now, but we could all seriously use some peace.


  1. You're back!!! SO excited.

  2. Seriously. Excited. Also, can we go to King Torta sometime?

  3. Hi Tannaz,

    Happy New Year! I can't wait to read about the new restaurants you tried over the holidays.

  4. new reader.

    yogurt land is THE best frozen yogurt place there is. pinkberry? no thanks. i don't need some fashionista telling me the amount of toppings and yogurt i am allowed. cherry on top? (a place from around my area) not bad, but kind of expensive per oz.

    yogurt land? choose your own flavors, toppings. cool spoons. awesome design. and CHEAP.

    so so good.

  5. whoa, hi kids! let's see here.. well,

    Volare, you're the cutest. Your excitement quite literally got me to look up flights to nyc -- it's high time for a visit to the east coast people. but then i also looked at the weather report. changed my mind.

    BradleyB, I'm excited you're excited. Also, duh.

    Exile Kiss, happy new year to you as well! Looking forward to seeing where 2009 takes you (for dinner... =)!

    And Tim, hello and welcome. Yeah, YogurtLand is the bomb. My one beef is that some of their flavors taste chemically (I mean, that's generally the way froyo tends to go...yo), but the peanut butter and the normal yogurt flavor are awesome. And, hey, I have a niece named Julia too =)

  6. Yes. Get on it. I need to the culinary documentation of my xmas "break."

  7. Love the chandelier!!!!

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