Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the blues, unleavened

i don't want to be here right now. i want to be home, with ample time to pore over recipe after flourless recipe, using the excuse of restriction to let my imagination, and my appetite for dessert, go wild. i mean, it's the tradition of my people, right? tomorrow night is the first night of passover, and i've promised my mom i'll bring a dessert to her house. thursday, we have our second seder at my aunt's house, and i can't show up empty-handed. i'm also in charge of dessert at friday night's surprisingly thoughtful and tradition-filled "rock and roll seder" at my friends' home. i'd really love to be writing out shopping lists for brown butter hazelnut cakes (a religious experience if i've ever heard of one), and pondering over what fruit would make the best filling for meringue sandwich cookies (leaning towards raspberry...then again, chocolate is one of my favorite fruits). i feel like this is what i should be doing. i can already taste the caramel matzoh crunch. instead, i have to test the new features in our shot tagging tool, figure out why the goose's model seems to be missing a wing and why the pigs' ears have no controls. all in a day's work, but then there's the fact that my car is broken, i'll probably spend the better part of tomorrow morning at the dealer, and i'm not even sure how i'm getting to my mom's house for seder tomorrow night. big heaving sigh woe is me waa waa waa.

[thanks paurian for the photo]

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