Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tannaz Sassooni is...

- moving to los feliz
- moving to the cutest apartment in the history of life
- listening to move shake drop (the flo rida mix) over and over and over again.
- actually had to go into the bathroom at work to dance more than one time this week. seriously!
- wanna come to Little Dom's for brunch?
- distractingly obsessed with apartmenttherapy (from whom i stole the photo above. hello, dream kitchen)
- maybe i should go on who wants to be a millionaire? (ooh.. or don't forget the lyrics!)
- Can Not Wait for beatles rock band. ohmygod.
- will happily take any extra le creuset kitchenware off your hands
- kind of wishes she could have kevin's kitchen table from panama
- going to miss her bethie
- unable to fathom how she used to post on this thing every day
- smeg. smeg. smeg.

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