Friday, October 23, 2009

facehunter goes to israel

The Facehunter
, one of my favorite street fashion bloggers (think of him as The Sartorialist's younger, funkier, partyboy brother*), spent 4 days in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and put up 5 bajillion photos on his personal blog. Really enjoying seeing these streets of these two cities, that are so close to my heart, are home to much of my family, and that I've neglected visiting for way too many years now, through his eyes.

Oh, to be walking down the Tel Aviv boardwalk, mushroom "pizza" from Abu Lafia in one hand, limonaana in the other..

Or on the breezy patio of a cafe, eating the breakfast above (well, actually, I'd probably order shakshuka...)

Check it all out here!

* Guys, I bought the Sartorialist's book last month (and dear sweet Nigel got Mr. Shuman himself to sign it for me!), and I can't put it down. Like, I've gone through it front to back at least 4 times. A million amazing photos of interesting-looking people. AKA tannaz-crack.

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