Sunday, May 28, 2006

The BSE!!

This year has been a pretty busy one so far. I've had more responsibility at work than I've ever had, our family had a couple milestones (one very happy, one very sad) that took a lot of time and energy, and I've been taking a class that has been taking up more of my time than I expected it would. Somehow life has just seemed more hectic than I recall it being. So, whiling away hours in front of the office at work, I've been dreaming of summer lately. I'm ready for the lazy hazy days like never before. Summer is by far my favorite season. I love the hot weather, and recall spending nearly every day in the pool when I was a kid.

Somehow this year, I've been putting a lot of weight on summer. And it appears I'm not the only one. I was talking to my sister about it, and she felt the same way -- planning to indulge in barbecues, ice cream, and finding the perfect beach. My cousin Sam in Chicago told me it's going to be the "Summer of Sam". And I recently visited my friend Brad at his new home in Manhattan Beach, and he told me he decided it's going to be the Best Summer Ever. I concur. Bring on the outdoor dinners, pool parties, thick slices of watermelon (although, I don't really like watermelon... but it just feels right), nighttime walks! People are ready.

You know what's great about the Best Summer Ever? It's four months long! It's already started. Some BSE activities that have occurred already:

- Margarita at Pancho's in Manhattan Beach (margaritas ARE summer, and this place was airy and bright and perfect) last week, followed by a beachside walk on The Strand. Brad's new house is a block away from the water. 3 ocean-view balconies. Doesn't suck. He also happens to be a master barbecuer (He's responsible for introducing me to the glorious world of barbecued beef ribs back in college). I intend to spend lots of quality time with him this summer.

- Stealing away from the office to buy some sandwiches from The Cow's End in Marina Del Rey and eat them on the sand (it was very hard for us to peel ourselves away and go back to work after that one).

- Last night at the bar at Tart, the new restaurant at the Farmer's Daughter Motel (on Fairfax, just north of Third), I had a glass of pinot noir. I know nothing about wine except that I like it a lot, but our resident know-it-all told me that pinot noir was a lighter fruitier wine than, say, his cabernet, and therefore perfect for the Best Summer Ever. He also told me he's really into mouthfeel now as far as wine is concerned. Earnestly. This is beyond my scope. But, I'll buy the pinot noir thing.

- Today, I went to the beach! We bypassed the Venice boardwalk madness by meeting at the end of Washington Blvd. instead, and it was great. The ocean isn't quite aware yet that the BSE is 4 months long, so it was pretty freezing, but our resulting numb feet and legs didn't stop us from splashing around in the waves, and it just made the sun seem that much warmer when we finally got out. Ended the day with sweet cream ice cream with fresh raspberries. Hello -- yum!

And there's a lot more to come -- barbecues, more margaritas, salady meals, sundresses. I hope everyone will join in the effort to make the BSE a reality, and here's why: You know what's the best thing about the Best Summer Ever? It makes you realize how lucky you are. I needed that.


  1. BSE indeed! I came home yesterday to find that roommate #3 cleaned the sundeck. BBQs to proceed shortly.....

  2. Too bad BSE sounds so much like BFE. Otherwise, I applaud the concept.