Tuesday, May 16, 2006

a little bit delicious

as promised, here's the snack involving ricotta. granted, it ended up far less eloborate than anticipated, but it's about 10:30, all i needed was a bite of something to quench the need for something sweet. so, a spoonful of ricotta, a drizzle of maple syrup (one of my favorite things ever, and a lovely leftover from thanksgiving's annual pumpkin pecan pie), et voila: instant yum!

straight from the spoon into my mouth. sweet dreams indeed!

ps if anyone can tell me how to make close-up photos of food and stuff not blurry, that would be much appreciated.


  1. Use the macro mode on your camera (the tulip). Read your manual to see how close you can get in both modes and experiment with your zoom as well to see what the best method is for your camera

  2. you're a genius. this makes a huge difference -- check the broccoflower pic.