Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Celebrate Barbecue Diversity, Part 2

Yesterday's barbecue was bittersweet. Erin, a member of our cliquish foursome that is Team Tokyo, is making a pilgrimage to the motherland. She quit her job, packed up, and is moving to Tokyo tomorrow. She'll be doing a 4-month stint at a visual effects house there, and we're a little devastated to see her go. My work environment will suffer immensely -- I met Erin about 4 years ago when I hired her at the internet startup where I used to work. Not long after, she left that company to work at Rhythm&Hues, and not long after that, she got me a job there as well (big shocker -- the internet startup went belly-up). She is extremely bright and I'm excited to see her thriving careerwise. She's also one of those wonderful people who is always up for fun, and as I experienced when we traveled through Japan together, she eats up life and never lets 'tired' get in her way. She's also a master behind the karaoke mic, and her rendition of Air Supply's "Out of Nothing At All" is truly something to behold. I know she'll have a blast back in Tokyo.

So, Erin and her roommates put on yesterday's barbecue at their apartment. Erin's parents were in town, and her mom provided a Filipino feast. I walked in to an expansive spread of grilled meats -- both on skewers and in sausage form. Additionally, she had made lumpia: addictive bite-size bits of seasoned ground meat wrapped in thin pastry and deep fried, vegetarian spring rolls, and pancit -- glassy rice noodles with vegetables, hardboiled eggs, and chicken. So much good stuff I had never tried!

Amazingly, the night eventually turned into a mellow, cozy, living room karaoke party. And when we sang the New Kids on the Block's "Please Don't Go Girl", we meant it.


  1. My jealousy of your weekend of BBQing knows no bounds...

  2. holy crap you blogged about me! i'm so incredibly touched.. tokyo definitely isn't the same without the rest of the team. :)