Saturday, July 29, 2006

things i've learned today

  • Regarding cow tongue flower, better known as borage by normal people, today I learned from Nigella Lawson's Forever Summer, that the fresh flowers are often used in Pimms, the classic British summer cocktail. So I guess it's not so old country after all. Who knew? Here's a a great presentation idea.
  • Someone has taken the sharbat-e golab idea up about 8 notches on the fanciness scale. Of course, this someone is a Barcelonan chef, whose cookbook appears to cost ninety dollars. So, go figure. Anyway, I was reading this gorgeous book, Carles Abellan's Las Tapas de Comerc 24 at beloved Cook's Library today, and discovered a recipe for 'Agua de Limón y Rosa'. He adds lemon juice to our rosewater-sugar ade, blends it with ice into a slush, then garnishes it with finely julienned rose petals in deep magenta. wow. And yes, this appears to be served as part of a collection of tapas -- in a tiny glass with a bendy straw.
  • The inspiring story behind CJ's Cafe on Pico. Makes it even more delicious!


  1. That story about CJ's made me ache for Los Angeles a tiny bit in my heart of hearts.. I miss you guys!

  2. ramos - we miss you too! a lot!! but..remember that 'mexican' place we saw when we were walking in shinjiku? maybe you can go there and get some taco rice!