Monday, August 14, 2006

Saturday day: Fontana... meh

This was the only low point of the weekend. But riding on the amazing goodness of the morning's bread blowout, I powered through. I found out on Friday night that I needed to pick up my dad in Fontana, drop him off in Tarzana, then drive back home -- 146 miles overall. I was in my car for 3 hours straight. It was hot. At times I was going zero miles for minutes at a time.

But I was in my sweet little mini and had the sunroof open. I had just made myself a CD of 100 of my favorite singing songs. So I belted through Mary J. Blige and Fiona Apple, Bruce Springsteen and Bill Withers as I scooted up the 10. On the return trip, Saeed fell asleep in the passenger seat. I turned to the softer songs on the CD and hummed quietly -- I so love the feeling of driving with a sleeping passenger and good songs on the stereo. When I dropped him off, we shared lunch at home -- my mom is out of town, but left him tupperware after tupperware of prepared meals (because if she didn't, He Would Starve. undoubtedly) -- and a cup of tea.

It was not the ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I missed the tofu festival in Little Tokyo (as I somehow manage to do every year), which was a bummer, and I lost a significant chunk of my day. But there was still some goodness to it. And it gave me some calm before my action-packed Saturday night.

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