Friday, August 18, 2006

the whole enfrijolada

my head's kind of exploding right now. so... I was reading about an oaxacan restaurant in eastern ktown here, which linked to this page here. the second link is a disambiguation between 3 oaxacan menu items (none of which i've ever heard of, sadly .. i've gotta work on this oaxacan thing): enmolada, entomatada, and enfrijolada.

the response from snackish is genius! the idea is, they're all tortillas dipped in (or surrounded by) stuff. an en-frijol-ada, for example, is dipped in beans (frijoles), the en-mol-ada, in mole.

so... snackish then relates it to one we all know really well.... enchilada. which is, of course, surrounded by chile sauce. it's like a tortilla that's been enchilied.


this got me thinking, are there others? the only one I can think of that sounds related is empanada (i know it's 'em', not 'en', but they are often interchangeable). but it totally works.. pan is bread, and what is an empanada but stuff surrounded by bread (and then deep fried to greasy crispy flakey goodness mmmmm...).

it boggles the mind. really.

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