Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The I-Am-Grateful Breakfast

The other day, I made myself the simplest breakfast. Nothing, really -- some crackers, some yogurt, a couple slices of tomato. But, the fact that it was so simple, but packed such a intense deliciousness struck me deeply, and just made me feel really grateful. It's kind of an amazing world we live in.

Sit down with a few simple, good items, make yourself a little morsel, and take a few slow bites. For me the perfect combination was Ak-Mak crackers (whole grain wheat, barely sweetened with honey, sprinkle of sesame), yogurt cheese, a couple slices from a farmers' market heirloom tomato (wow), and a sprinkle of zaatar. How can euphoria come so easily?


  1. Your posts always make me so hungry. You need to write reviews/stuff on food and direct people to YOUR restaurant pronto. Open a restaurant!!

  2. it's funny, this 'open a restaurant' thing. i feel like it's like when you're watching jeopardy and think to yourself, i could totally do that, but then if you were actually on the show, you'd realize how difficult it is. i'll leave the restauranting to the professionals for now. thank you for the compliment though!