Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Menu For Hope

So, as we've talked about here before, we are very lucky. Sitting here writing and reading about happily eating day after day indicates clearly how good we have it. It's good fun to coo over delicious meals, but there's got to be a balance. There are millions of people who are going to sleep hungry tonight. What's fantastic is that many many food bloggers the world over are banding together to do something about it.

This is the third year of the Menu for Hope fundraiser, and last year they raised $17,000 for the UNICEF. This year they are raising money for the United Nations World Food Programme. The idea is this: bloggers offer up raffle prizes, generous souls buy raffle tickets, at 10 dollars each, and then there are drawings, prizes are shipped, and the hungry are fed (well, sadly not all of them.. but we do what we can, right?).

The prizes are marvelous and many: delicious tastes from local regions, homemade sweets, schmancy Japanese chef's knives, exotic spices, a bento box starter kit, all manner of cookbooks, meals at extremely posh restaurants, and if you happen to be in Florence, a tour of that fabulous city's market (sigh...)! (Also, holy crap, someone's offering a Kitchen-Aid!)

Sadly I missed the boat on offering a prize this year, but I strongly encourage you to check out the selection: the whole round-up is here at the site of its founder, Pim, along with instructions on donating, and the west coast sector is here at Becks And Posh. Then open your hearts (and credit card numbers) and give generously to this very very worthy cause. Let's bring some light into someone's winter!


  1. thanks for posting this! the event's already raised over $8000 so far, and we have until Dec. 22.

  2. erin, it was my pleasure posting this and i wish i could have done more. as it is though, looks like over $58,000 came in! it's so, so great to see that.