Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bad Blogger, Good Food

Here's what I remember about Al Noor:

(You see, I actually went there back in March (just 2 months and I've already forgotten it all. as if the growing number of grey hairs on my head wasn't enough to freak me out), took no notes, remembered hardly anything, took a single picture, and put off the write-up for a million years. All play and no work makes Tannaz a bad, bad food blogger.)

- First the basics: It's Pakistani food, it's cheap cheap, it's in Lawndale. Don't let the location scare you off -- it's right off the 405 at Inglewood. Besides, seriously, live a little. Seriously.
- It's really delicious. Despite the misgivings shamefully enumerated above, I felt it important that it be included. Everything was so tasty, it just seemed 'right' -- like, as if the combinations of spices, vegetables, meats and sauces were the Empirically Correct versions of each dish, whether jai farezi or bharta.
- It's pretty spicy. I was scared. I managed okay, but still, if you're sensitive, ask them to make the dishes milder for you. Also get an order of raita to mollify the fire.
- There is zero ambiance. This is hole-in-the-wall dining at its finest. Bad decor, bright fluorescent light, all leading to casual and familiar banter with your dining companions.
- The food is in neon colors. Bright orange sauces, rich with cream. Surreally inviting to all the senses. Perhaps this is the 'noor' (light) in the restaurant's name?
- The service is friendly and familiar, and you get a plate of sliced cucumbers with lemon wedges to start it all off. Charming.

The upshot: I'm thinking that I subliminally forgot the details just so I'd have an excuse to go back. It's cheap and easy, but such a delight. But don't take my word for it -- what do I know? Just go.

Al Noor is at 15112 Inglewood Ave. at Marine, in Lawndale.


  1. After I read this, I figured you MUST be a fellow Westsider:

    "Don't let the location scare you off -- it's right off the 405 at Inglewood. Besides, seriously, live a little. Seriously."


  2. Ha! Now I understand why it's important to read things in sequential order: I just read that you live off of Fairfax, not on the Westside. Sorry!!! Still love your blog, though!

  3. Yeah foodette, I like to think of myself as an East-sider really, but admittedly, the distinction is hazy where I live. I think it's essentiallly the Mideast =)

    The point I was getting at though, is that although Lawndale may seem far, Al Noor is just right off the 405. Super easy! We're often lazy about going to places that are a little out of the way, but I think we end up missing out for it.

  4. Seriously though, it's next to Redondo Beach. Everyone should befriend the SouthBay. Or not, and reduce my traffic......