Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Yum!

i've heard it said that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. i'm here to say that this is false.

that is what blogging teaches you. sounds disparaging, but it's not. inspired by so many others around the web, who, despite a lack of formal qualifications, had something to say, and decided to say it, i took the opportunity to take my chattiness to the next level.

it has meant a lot. it's been an avenue to connect with friends in a new way, and make new, very dear ones, in the most unexpected ways. it's allowed me to entertain dreams and fantasies i'd never really let see the light of day before. granted, those dreams haven't come to the forefront in the most romantic perfect way, but at least they've been recognized now. and in a way, they have been realized -- i get to yammer on about food, eating, and my fair city -- a few of my very favorite things -- and there are people out there who listen. wild.

so what's the state of the yum? i'd like to think the writing has improved considerably in these 365 days, although admittedly i sometimes miss my own crazy stream-of-consciousness style, which has sort of made way for real words and grammar and topic sentences and things (although judging from this meander of a sentence, it's not all that far gone). the photos have improved considerably (thank the lord), although i'm still stuck below the ceiling of completely uninstructed point-and-shoot. i've still got the very templatey blogspot template, which makes me sad, but hopefully an improvement is coming soon.

it's been a bang-up couple months as far as readership. april surpassed the next highest month by over 20 percent. i love these clicks. you have no idea how i obsess over pretty much every one. it's a little unhealthy in fact.

so, here we are a year later. i live in that same sweet apartment just off fairfax (now with cheery green living room!), yet again, i'm working in visual effects, i still swoon over evocative caffeine experiences, and as always i have a somewhat extreme obsession with summer (2007 is already gearing up to be the Best Summer Ever, i'm telling you). but i've had at least five sessions in my mother's kitchen -- finally learning the recipes that, little did she know, were very much the inspiration for all this food interest. i've gotten opportunities to get my words out further across the web. i've made a point to visit my local farmers' market on a somewhat regular basis (i mean, real farmers' market, a different breed from my fairfax one). i've been on the receiving end of delicious olive oils, high end steak tastings, invitations to our city's own winery, and inspiring cookbooks. i've also been on the giving end -- being able to participate in a menu for hope, and getting others to join me at project chicken soup.

so, all is well. thanks for reading. thanks a lot for reading. and now that you all know a little about me, i'd be tickled if you'd drop a note (a comment, or an email if you're shy) and let me know a little about you. i mean, we've known each other for a year -- i think it's about time we take it to the next level.

[thanks Amigurumikumi Kingdom for the photo!]


  1. Happy Birthday and many happy returns. Where's the cake?

  2. happy 1st year. I enjoy stream of consciousness writing - its one of the things I look for in blogs.

    Can't wait to see the future enhancements - especially the new template.

  3. Aw, best sappy post ever! I wonder if I'll ever blog again (maybe if I ever decide to program some sweet google maps mashups....)

  4. thanks for the good wishes friends.

    tspwlv, i have foregone cake, and instead went with a knitted green bear in a cupcake cup. you may bake me a cake if you wish.

    douglas, i'm sure you can get your fill of loopy and rambly here. and i hear ya on the template.. on it, i swear!

    and bradleyb, you should really blog again. there's not enough blogs out there. really.