Monday, March 17, 2008

Coming to Farmer's Market: Breadworks Bakery

Looks like a new bakery is coming to the Farmer's Market. While I'll miss the old man that ran the bakery that's being replaced -- he always had a sweet word to say in a charming, if unplaceable, accent --, I'm excited about a newer bakery with a more contemporary list of offerings. I've always whined to myself about the fact that, while the Farmer's Market is a fine source for produce, meats, and most everything else 'markety', and despite having a few bakeries, I would never think to go there for a great whole-grain loaf, or a crusty baguette. Judging from Breadworks Bakery's website, they have a staggering selection of innovative breads to satisfy those of us raised on Food Network and Michael Pollan. Unlikely that they'll have the entire selection that you can order ahead from their Culver City store, but even a well-picked subset of the extensive list -- which includes 7-grain sour wheat, rosemary caramelized onion focaccia, Pullman loaves (perfect for truffled egg toast), and seven types of baguette, not to mention a variety of ryes and challahs for those Fairfax denizens with Jewier bread needs -- would be very exciting.


  1. Let us not forget the classics. I will totally miss the old man and some of the best rye and pumpernickel raisin bread in LA.

  2. i know, i know. you gotta crack some eggs to make an omelet (or a challah).. but yes, i admit, the farmer's market does seeem to be about forgetting the classics more and more lately.