Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sheddy's... Almost

So, I was going to give you my first look at Sheddy's. As you may know, the space is around the corner from my apartment, and over the 3 years that Bodega De Cordova was there, I became a serious regular, and Kenny, the bar's owner, became a good friend. So, of course I'm curious about the new bar.

I was going to check it out Friday night, but unfortunately, I, along with quite a few others, were met with closed doors. Apparently the owners are having alcohol license issues, so they had to postpone their opening. Bummer.

Nonetheless, I can tell you a few things. They had a private event on Thursday night, but Raul the stalwart bartender -- been there since the first night the Bodega opened -- kindly let me sneak through. They've kept some of the old fixtures, but swanked up the place with red walls and dim lighting to give it a cozy bordello feel. They've fenced off a bit of the back for a small smoking patio. And, we learn from Thrillist that they'll be going for quality with their beer selection: Maudite on tap and Delirium Tremens in bottles, just to name a few. Sheddy's will even have some Spanish wines on hand, as a throwback, for us throwbacks.

I will also say that I've been seeing people trying to go to the bar all weekend. Whenever I've passed by, there've been people in bar clothes reading the note the owners have left in the window. There's certainly interest and buzz. While I certainly miss the mellow vibe of my very own Spanish wine bar, and the friendliest one in town at that, I look forward to hobbling home from Sheddy's as soon as they let me in.

[Oh, and for those who care, Kenny is now living in Miami, working for ASCAP (he's a musician and barkeep -- a winning combo), and proud father to a brand new baby girl.]

Sheddy's is at 361 Fairfax Ave., between Blackburn Ave. and 4th St.

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