Wednesday, September 17, 2008

keeping afloat if just barely

ack. it's a sad fact that the more there is to write about, the less time you have to write it. this summer has been busy, in the best way, to say the least. i've quite literally not had a single night at home in the last 13 days. this will change tonight, and i'll update this neglected blog then. but in the meantime, can i just say that bobby flay just added my bake sale as a myspace friend? dude!

(i mean, i'm pretty sure that in fact some intern in central islip, new york, whose charge it is to update the myspace pages of the food network stars, is really the one who added me, but still.)

(and if you're bored with me, just go to manbitesworld -- the kid updates every day, god bless him!)


  1. Is this your not-so-subtle way of saying that you're having the BEST SUMMER EVER?!?!?!?!? You don't need to respond, I've already been vindicated. If only TSP had the donbalan to join the BSE bandwagon.....

  2. BB-sadly my donbalan got squashed in a big way last summer and now I am a little gun shy about putting them out there for the world to crush again. I did have a good summer but am now careful about superlatives. Baby steps. Donbalan are a delicate thing.

  3. ew would you guys keep it pg here? sheesh.

    and yes bradleyb, it's been a pretty good summer. haven't gone to the beach yet (horrible), but that'll get taken care of in november, which means that the summer really has 2 extra months this year, which makes it even bester!