Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Public Service Announcement: Spain...On the Road Again

I have been hearing inklings about this for months and months now, and it fills me with glee. I've been scared I'd miss it when it finally starts, but Heather just came to the rescue. Here's the deal: a new show on PBS called Spain...On the Road Again, which consists of Mario Batali, Mark Bittman, Gwyneth Paltrow (yes, she actually eats, with fervor, and also shows off her enviable Spanish skills), and Claudia Bassols (hot Spanish actress) traipsing around the eponymous country, eating, bantering, riding around in convertibles, and making me very, very jealous. The show sounds amazing; I can tell you now I will be its number one fan.

I'm sure you want to watch it too (I mean...), so let me just tell you, it will be airing on KLCS (channel 15 on our local Time Warner cable), at 10 pm on Thursday. I just watched a little preview, and it has me giddy. I've never embedded youtube videos here because I always find it a little garish, and also I'm a luddite, but this is pretty delicious:


  1. Mario and Bunch have the same taste in shoes. Bunch's are way cuter though.

  2. this is a clear sign that bunch wants to be a chef when he grows up. god love him.

  3. Hi Tannaz,

    Thanks for the link to the Preview of the new show. It looks pretty fun and more interesting than most of the Food Network shows currently. :)

    Great blog, BTW!

  4. hey exile kiss -- did you watch the first episode? what'd you think? oh, and monte alban looks *amazing*. must try it!

  5. Hi Tannaz,

    I unfortunately don't have a DVR (I know, I know :P), so I missed the first episode, sigh! :(

    I'll have to try to catch next week's episode then.

    Yah, if you haven't been to Monte Alban given them a try. :)