Friday, December 12, 2008

Ladies And Robots

The other night my circles merged in ways that were blowing my mind. Thanks to another Jason Bernstein "what are you doing right this second phone call," I found myself at the opening of Darren Le Gallo's Ladies and Robots show at Ghetto Gloss gallery in Silver Lake. Which apparently is where it all comes together. I walk in and see the guy from work with the ironic handlebar mustache who smokes a pipe in the afternoon, who apparently is friends with the supermodelesque ex-girlfriend of my film school cousin. Snapping pics is the woman whose Glögg party I'd been invited to despite having never met her before. Tending the bar was our friend Jackie's ex-roommate. Then, of course Oki walks in. Six degrees of hipsteration.

And the art was awesome. Why don't I do this more often?

A note: We stopped afterwards for a Let's Be Frank hotdog at the cart parked outside Silver Lake Wine. It was definitely delicious, but once it's past midnight, there's something deflating about forking down 5 bucks for a hot dog and not even getting any seediness or bacon-wrap. I know, sustainable, pasture-raised, biodynamic. But, who wants to shell out 5 bucks for virtue at 2 am? Ghetto-unfabulous.

Ghetto Gloss is at 2380 Glendale Boulevard South of Silver Lake Blvd. (you know, over by the Red Lion)


  1. Oh heart-attack dogs, how do I love thee? I went to a Laker game last weekend and didn't spot any of the carts after leaving Staples (evidently there are reasons for the lack of carts). But lo-and-behold I walked by a pick-up truck that had the grill as part of the camper portion - almost like a mini roach-coach. The hot dog loving masses will not be denied!

  2. yeah, it makes me hate the city a little when i hear that they're going after the ghetto dog carts. why do they hate delicious, greasy joy?!