Sunday, June 03, 2007

L.A's Own Tube?

If only...


  1. I notice my little corner of "LA" still isn't on there. But still. Would be so dreamy.

  2. there's a roppongi in los angeles?

  3. You don't even know how I excited I would be for the pink line.......

  4. i know, bradleyb! and i for the orange line, and the brown line, and the purple line. imagine brad. can you become subway engineer and make it happen please?

    and tsp, this is yet another gentle hint that you really really live in the boonies.. i mean.. they went out to warner center -- so close, but yet so far.

    and ramos, i will transcribe here the conversation that ensued (note that the usernames have been changed to protect the innocent) between you and me after this your comment, for the pleasure of the blog-reading audience (snort):

    [10:14] tannazie: i was *just* going to ask you about that!!!!!!
    [10:14] ramos: hilarious
    [10:14] tannazie: crazy right?
    [10:14] ramos: i was trying to google it but i couldnt find it
    [10:14] tannazie: i can't find anything online
    [10:14] ramos: =D
    [10:15] ramos: hm, there's a store called "a little roppongi on melrose"
    [10:15] tannazie: yeah saw that
    [10:16] tannazie: .....and when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby ... it helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big interneeeeeeet.....

    [come on people, it's a feivel reference!]

  5. Nobody needs more proof that you are a total dork. It's a given.

  6. Ah the dream of beautiful sleek mass transit lives on! In preparation, just try and give up your car for 5 years running.

  7. This map is like a Jewish man with a large nose, a Jon Stewart sense of humor and a Phd in Arabic. Just contemplating the impossibility of it causes heartache.

  8. Why is this not real yet?!?!?